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Welcome to the Guild website for Nephilim Annihilim! This site provides information and a place to build a community amongst our members as well as to let guests and potential new members know what we're all about.

This site is filled with links to helpful guides, tips and tricks to the Swords & Potions game that we all play, as well as other topics including general  conversation.

For guildies there is also a little grey tab in the bottom right corner that provides us with our own private chat window that can be left open while we play the game. (Just click on the little chat bubble on the left side of the grey button and select the guild option rather than the public one.)

Applying to be a member of the site is a simple click away, friends of the site will get basic access while guild members will get a higher level of access of course.

I hope you enjoy the site and I welcome all feedback, just click on the mail button at the top of the page and hit me up.
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Latest and Greatest

Candesce.Hawkins, Aug 28, 13 6:00 PM.
We have rebuilt and are back up to rank 22 and have been holding strong at this rank for some time now. I'm going to be updating the site and officially re-opening it for amongst other things having our own guild chat available once more. I couldn't be happier or more proud of our guild that has weathered time as well as my own infirmity and continues to thrive and grow. 

Guild Rank 13!

Candesce.Hawkins, Jan 11, 13 7:34 PM.
Congrats on climbing another level guys... lucky number thirteen! Job well done everyone.

Guildportal data loss

Candesce.Hawkins, Jan 11, 13 7:25 PM.
I got to the bottom as to why some of our more recent posts to the site disappeared. Evidently Guild Portal went down for a bit and lost a few days of posts, their redundency system seem to fail. All is up and running again and I'll be reconstructing some of the data over the weekend. i.e. Guild Challenge calendar. I hope everyone is having a great 2013 thus far.

Holiday Time is Here!

Candesce.Hawkins, Dec 1, 12 8:40 PM.
Please, if you're not aware of what the gift giving is about read the following article and find out what gift giving offers you as well as the needy. If anyone can confirm that it's not just kongregate that runs the full program I would appreciate your posting.

Another battle won, despite some serious ringers

Candesce.Hawkins, Nov 30, 12 9:35 AM.
This last challenge was hard won but we did it and I couldn't be more greatful to those who hit that extra contribution button and helped us get there. They were a low level guild who brought in ringers, but we would not give in, we won the fight. 
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